Kabbalistic Synthesizer~ 2015

The Kabbalistic Synthesiser is a prototype for the ultimate West Coast synth, a mixture of tech mediated mindfulness combined with hardcore science and technology. Made in collaboration between Imperial College Blackett Lab for Physics and the Royal College of Art Design Interactions in 2015, the synth uses fluctuations in the Earth's Magnetic Field measured in micro Tesla as the base carrier frequency for a 22 stage FM system as well as a resonant low pass filtering of live Jovian Decametric Noise and an 11 channel cosmic ray detector that acts as a true random event handler and clock. The synth was a labour of love and homage to Don Buchla, psychonaught and West Coast Synth pioneer. It is also REAL. The Kabbalistic Synth has been exhibited/performed at Moogfest North Carolina 2016, ACT Festival Korea 2016 done a tour of stone circles in Penwith West Cornwall and was nominated for the ARS Electronica STARTS prize 2016.

Further info about the project and its development can be found in a write up here, an interview here, and sounds from testing here.


Fractal Loop Antennae.


Cosmic Ray Detector.


Helmholtz Coil.