LOYAL Light Stage Design~ (2016)

In 2016 LOYAL approached us with the prospect of working in collaboration on a light show to accompany their live performances and in doing so incidentally founded Studio A30. The LOYAL light design consists of 1600 individually addressable RGB LED bulbs that are controlled via a private wifi link and custom sound reactive software. Each letter can be placed individually using tank trap stage rigging and standard scaffold and the lights as a whole are designed to pack down into three Peli cases each below the 23kg limit for airline travel.

Concept:Frame Rate Synthesis~ (2016)

Part of our approach to the design was to borrow a concept from sound synthesis and cinema theory whereby in using the speed of the LED clock to near the maximum of human potential to make up continuous image we could create effects that not only invoke the ability of your mind to make up any colour when looking at the lights but also interact with the frame rate of a camera which makes the difference in what you view in person to what you view via a digital representation extreme.